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Csonka Roland
Születési idő: 1976. február 16.

Language: English , Castellano , Magyar

Education and works:

I was born in Gyor and began dancing with the school of ballet company in Gyor in 1984 I joined also the company like a child dancer in the Kisfaludy Theatre. Artistic director Ivan Marko. I had a scholarship to the Hungarian Dance Academy,from 1992-96. Director Imre Dozsa. I had a possibility to work in the Madách Theatre in the Cats musical. I got precontract to the Hungarien National Ballet. Joined the Company with full contract in 1996 as a soloist. I was dancing all of repertoire.

Cinderella / Blue Bird pdd.

Bartok-Seregi:Wodden Prince / Prince

Debussy-Seregi: Sylvia / Orion

Stravinsky-F.Barbay: Fire Bird / Caschey

Mincus-Petipa: Don Quihote / Espada

I had a junior solist contract in the Northern Ballet Theatre in Leeds.

I had a solist contract in Madrid in the company Carmen Roche.

I was joined a musical company in Madrid,director; Luis Ramirez.

in ;Peter Pan , Annie , Jekyll & Hyde , Magic in Brodway , Aladin

I had a musical summer festival in Fuengirola; to memory Luis Ramirez.

I was in the musical El Hombre de la Mancha in Madrid.( Theatre Calderon)